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The Help Of Calories In A Banana To Human Tissue

By Darnell Visini

Different people require varying amount of energy when undertaking a task and even in the growth of the young and the teenagers calories in a banana are necessary for human body. When taking bananas, one consumes large amount of energy compared to anyone else taking another fruit. The body needs the energy for its proper functioning prevention against any diseases.

Having a balanced diet in every meal is very effective in helping the body from being attacked by diseases. One has a healthy working body condition at all time. Intake of one in the morning is equivalent to one taking a meal during breakfast, lunch hour and even during the evening meal.

This type of fruit also contain vitamins C and B6. A fruit is necessary in every person meal and the best of all is the banana. Bananas have more benefits than the other fruit. It can be cooked when raw and it contains carbohydrates. On the other hand it can be consumed when ripe.

Its energy capacity is higher compared to other fruits. The body muscles need more energy when undertaking a heavy task or during an excess. Different fruits have the energy to keep the muscle movement but that energy is not enough to keep one for a long time.

This makes it the most convenient fruit for fast energy provision and in the right amount.For kids to get energy from a banana one has to mix it with other fruits to prevent excessive intake of calories by the babies if they are consumed alone. Adding other types of food to it gives the child a healthy meal

Growing children require energy in the right amount. Bananas have more energy and it may be harmful to a young child. They are mixed with other types of food to provide the best and the right quality type of food. After one has the right quality of food the body develops without any complication or any attack from diseases.

Potassium, vitamin c and b6, fiber and Calories in a banana are all needed by every human for a good health. Each of them has a role to play in the body. Fiber helps in proper food digestion while vitamin c helps in faster healing of wound.

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