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Cole MacGrath & The Use of Kettlebell Exercises

By Rob Sutter

Sometimes life in a big city is something that can provide a great amount of hazard. This is none truer than Empire City, where Cole MacGrath serves as the sole defender. He might be something of a reluctant hero but the truth of the matter is that the people depend on him in order to bring down unfairness which seems all too common in this world. However, I feel like Cole would be far more effective in this world if kettlebell exercises were utilized by him.

The essential human battery, in a sense, Cole MacGrath is very inclined when it comes to utilizing electricity in order to fight off various threats. The various amounts of Conduits opposed Cole and it's up to him to flush them out, utilizing his given spark as well as several channels of electricity in order to see that the people of Empire City are safe. He can definitely become a more effective fighter, though, and this is where I see these sorts of routines coming into play.

Kettlebell exercises can prove to be very beneficial for those who want to build up more than just strength. Yes, strength is a factor but these aren't your standard dumbbells; there's more variety to be seen, as I've researched them. In addition, that level of versatility would be looked at by companies along the lines of Lorna. Cole's utilization of such weights can come because of how varied they are in terms of workout. He needs to stay on his toes and sticking to one particular regimen will not do it.

In addition, I can't help but feel as though Cole would need a set of weights in order to expand his arsenal of techniques. One such technique Cole has is the Electromagnetic Shockwave, which causes those in the vicinity of the blast to be launched backwards. I feel like weights can be used in a similar fashion, launching them at Conduits in order to floor them with such precision. Cole has a lot of potential with these weights and it's up to him to unlock it.

As the rogue champion of sorts within Empire City, Cole seems to have heaps to live up to. It's one thing to face off against the city's most hazardous Conduits but doing so when half of the city despises you certainly throws a monkey wrench into the troubles of being a superhero. However, Cole has been able to work well under stress and brought down thugs of all kinds. I simply believe that kettlebell exercises can help him to hone his body further so that he may be truly unstoppable.

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