Health and Beauty Is Your Wealth

Tips for Health & Beauty

If there is no supply of proper vitamins in your body, your body cannot thrive and won't thrive. Minerals help provide forming blocks for your cells. A daily amount is needed to stay younger. Get the right combination of vitamins which will battle against aging and improve your health and beauty. Multivitamins are not the right way to take vitamins. It may cause harm to your body. The best way to take vitamins is to take distinctly. If you want to take multivitamins, get one that has got active enzymes. That means, the nutrients in them have been extracted from natural sources. Without real sources the vitamins may not be perfect.

Eat green and brightly colored vegetables regularly. Fresh fruits, preservative free foods, fiber rich food, fish are beneficial for health. Avoid eating junk foods like bread, snacks as much as possible. Examine the good and bad when you think about food. You may take less healthy foods occasionally, but don't make it permanent.

To get the benefit of beauty and health, eat well balanced meals everyday. You should eat a light breakfast (like milkshake, a piece of fruit), a heavy lunch (you burn most of the calories in lunch time), and a small dinner (delicious and nutritious). Do not over overeat. It may cause harm to your health.

Water keeps your body cool and active. It cleans toxins out of cells, carries away wastage, keeps skin soft and clear. You must take 8 - 10 glass fresh water everyday. Keep water besides you, drink when you need.
There are fats present in avocados, nuts and some oils are very useful fats. Those are full of omega 3 fatty acids. This acids protect heart diseases, cancer etc. This also helps to fight against depression.
Exercise can help to elevate your mood by releasing endorphins in your body. 10 minutes exercise everyday is enough to keep your body active and fresh. Give exercise top priority and you will never be in tension of lose weight.

Find a specific time to relax everyday. You can read a book, watch TV, and take a shower. Wherever you live, if you find a little time to relax, you will be refreshed and your skin will glow!!!!

Drugs are least useful for health. Stay away from consuming alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes etc. Each one of those has negative effects on your beauty and health. They can make you look older very quickly. If you have to consume any one of those, be sure to take lesser amount. Those have got far reaching ill side effects rather than good one.

Toxins are very harmful for your health. You will not become healthy and fit as you should be unless you become toxin free. One excellent way to get rid of excess toxins is to do a nutritional health cleanse. One cleanse can kick start weight loss and cleanse your body and mind. Get rid of toxins and start leading your life fresh and renewed today!

If you think that you are a little fat, you should loose some access weight from your body. Fats slow your body; slow your every step, causes heart diseases. Excessive fat can kill you. Lead a balanced lifestyle.
You were born beautiful, so be beautiful. It is not a hard work to get back your health and beauty back. These were very simple tips. If you implement those tips in your practical life, I am sure you will get back and retain your health and beauty frequently.
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Health And Beauty

Expert Author Des Ingham  
Health and beauty. These two words dovetail together and go hand in hand with one another. Beauty is not something that can be bought, unlike most things in today`s society. You either have natural beauty or you do not, it is as simple as that. But you certainly need to be healthy too, to be naturally beautiful. Health and beauty is a wonderful phrase that conjures up lovely images.

When you are healthy and you look after your body your natural radiance and beauty can then shine through. A lot of women unfortunately in today`s society do not feel they have to look after their inner selves, as they think that the layering on of more make up or beauty products will cover up a multitude of sins. What they do not realise is that this can be seen through in one single glance.

Make up and many beauty products can enhance your looks and make you look even more attractive, but you have to have the base there initially before you start. It is really important to look after yourself properly in every sense. What does this mean?

Well, you should be getting enough exercise for one thing. Calorie counting is not the way to lose any flab, the best way to get yourself in shape is to simply eat good, healthy foods and get plenty of exercise each and every day. I do not suggest you need to be an athlete in any sense of the word, but even a brisk walk for an hour each day can make all the difference to your body mass index and figure.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and cut out the rubbish, such as processed and refined food products. Try to eat as much food in its natural state as you can. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep every night. All these things will help you to let your health and beauty shine through.

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Health and Beauty in Your Forties

This decade is when the aging process really starts to kick in hard, with changes happening in your physical appearance, especially for women nearing the menopause.

Protection from the sun is even more vital, as is moisturising, due to your skin becoming more fragile. Your skin will also become rougher and drier in this decade, so it is very important to exfoliate well. Dead skin cells can build up on the surface layer of the skin, making its texture rougher. Protecting your skin will also help to avoid more wrinkles appearing and uneven pigmentation. Using retinoids and vitamin A will boost your levels of elastin and collagen in your skin, helping to make you look younger.

It is very important to maintain a regular exercise routine to look after your skeleton structure and muscle tone, and to combat a slowdown in your metabolism. Combine a cardiovascular workout and resistance exercise to achieve this. It is advised to avoid jogging if you want to preserve a youthful face and profile. People in their forties tend to lead a hectic lifestyle, trying to balance family life and work life, so it is crucial to try to find enough time to rest whenever possible to recover from everyday stress.

In this decade, you should take a long hard look at your diet. What you were eating during your thirties may no longer be suitable to the needs of your body. Estrogen and hormone balancing food are the key to keep feeling healthy, and slow down the effects of the aging process.

Women tend to burn calories more slowly than men, and their bodies have a naturally higher fat content. Hopefully this guide has given you a brief rundown to some of the best ways to preserve your looks and feel better about yourself in body and mind as the ageing process continues.

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If You Want Health and Beauty Don't Visit the Doctor!

We are waking up to the fact that doctors are not the answer to our problems. Dishing out anti-biotics to treat symptoms instead of the cause means that health problems are prolonged rather than cured. On top of that doctors waiting lists, the traditionally unhelpful doctors receptionist and the attitude of many doctors who take as little time as possible to treat us, drive us to an alternative.

Many of the health problems we have nowadays are because of our diet. Newspapers report it, and deep down we all know it, but the information is so conflicting that most people end up more confused than informed, and so we tend to ignore the information altogether.

We are brainwashed into believing that with new methods of farming, global food imports and the ready supply of processed foods in supermarkets, we are eating better than ever. The real picture however is that as our choices widen, the nutritional content of food is decreasing dramatically, and is going unnoticed and almost forgotten.

Our natural instincts are to eat food which tastes the best. This would be normally be fresh fruit and vegetables, however, the global food market pick produce when unripe and ship it in gas storage around the world, which means the nutrient levels are decreased and the taste deteriorated. In processed food the lack of nutrition is covered up by artificial flavours, salt, sugar and sweeteners, tricking our tongue into thinking we are eating real food when really much of it provides us with very little indeed. Junk food is so much more than just fast food chain burgers.

For thousands of years nature has provided for humans fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts for optimum nutrition. These contain high water content and are brimming with life-giving nutrients and micronutrients. In our scientific 21st century it has also been scientifically proven that fruit and vegetables can in fact lower the risk of a number of diseases and ailments. But with huge companies heavily marketing drugs to us to patch up health problems, we have not realised that the real way forward is to prevent disease, rather than just 'go in for repairs' when we get ill.

Scientists have tried to make up for the lack of nutrients we have in our western diet, due to the tinned, pasteurised, concentrated nature of the food we eat, by replicating certain key plant chemicals, called vitamins, and providing them to us in their isolated form in pills. To some extent this has been effective, but due to their isolated nature and unknown optimum dosages, their effect is limited.

It seems we just cannot do better than nature and its 3 billion years of evolution, in the space of 100 years. The best formula for our body is to get the nutrition we need from the source the body understands... fresh, organic, fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

One way to make sure your body receives the correct nutrition is to see a dietician. The UN and governments, as well as the nutritionists and dieticians the world over, are recommending five portions of fruit and vegetables per day for healthier lives and anti-ageing. More and more it will be the dieticians, rather than doctors or even plastic surgeons, who will be worth a visit.

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Million Dollar Ideas for Your Spa's Health and Beauty Logo Design

The increasing changes in people's lifestyles have encouraged development of many spas which are health and beauty resorts that provide a soothing shelter for the men and women, but mostly women.
It is a place for sanctuary, serenity and purification.

So, if you are a new spa owner and want to create a brand mark for your business that will give you a competitive edge then you need to make sure that your logo design reflects the characteristics mentioned above.

So how should you design your spa's health and beauty logo design that reflects your company's unique features and gives you a competitive edge?
We have a few million dollar ideas:

1. For the colors:

Use calm and soothing colors:

Since a spa is a place for peace and rest so your emblem should be designed accordingly. Colors have a very strong psychological effect on people and can strongly influence moods and attitudes which is why it is important to choose the colors carefully. Make sure that you use colors that are soothing and calming on sight. Some of such colors are green, ivory, light blue and light purple. If you want to keep your business symbol simple and sophisticated then you can use only the company name in soothing colors to make it classy and attractive.

2. For the fonts:

Use fonts that indicate delicacy:

Just like the rest of the emblem theme, the fonts that you use also need to depict harmony and comfort. For that you should use fonts that are thin lined and scripted so that they represent delicacy and sophistication.

3. For the images:

Use of images of your location's natural beauty:

If you want to make your monogram distinct then you need to look for images around you that define your uniqueness. Use your location to inspire you. For example if your business is located in Utah, then you can use an illustration so of the colorful mountains in your trademark.

Use illustrations of the lotus:

Flowers are a popular medium to represent peace and harmony but the meaning of tranquility and spirituality that a lotus portrays cannot be surpassed by any other flower. Lotus has been an influential flower in many religions and cultures. It represents purity of body and mind, prosperity, fertility and eternal youth. All these characteristics make it a perfect candidate for our spa symbol. You can use it as a big illustration on top or a small symbol beside the business name.

Use of female illustrations:

In most of the cases, the heath resorts are targeted towards women. For that, you can create beauty logo samples of women in your brand mark. For example, you can use silhouette of a woman's profile with red painted finger nails on her cheek.

Hence, don't be afraid to get creative with your trademark but the only thing you need to keep in mind through the crafting process if that your symbol needs to be a perfect representation of serenity and eternal youth.

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5 Best Natural Remedies For Inflammation - Safe, Effective, and Low in Cost

The best natural remedies for inflammation are safe, effective, low-cost and free of side effects. They are much better than prescription drugs -- or over-the-counter drugs, for that matter -- in all those ways.
Here are the reasons why, and 5 of the best natural remedies for inflammation.

Inflammation underlies many diseases.

Arthritis, heart disease, strokes and diabetes are four diseases in which long-term inflammation is a major factor. These four diseases alone affect hundreds of millions of people.

Anti-inflammation drugs can kill you.

Vioxx and Celebrex were introduced in the 1990s with great fanfare: painkillers that wouldn't irritate your stomach. These were soon joined by another wonder called Bextra.

All these drugs are Cox-2 inhibitors, designed to relieve pain by reducing inflammatory pathways in the body. Unfortunately, they also caused heart attacks and strokes.People were dying due to their painkillers. By 2005, Vioxx and Bextra were withdrawn from the US market and Celebex had to carry a "Black Box" warning on the risks of taking it.

Every year, deaths are reported from using nearly every painkiller in the drugstore. If any vitamin had a record like that, you'd be hearing an outcry to ban its sale permanently.

Top 5 natural remedies for inflammation

1. Vitamin E and C. One recent study found that arthritics taking 1200 IU of natural vitamin E for 12 weeks had their pain reduced by half. Vitamin C works synergistically with Vitamin E.

2. What to cut: Grains, dairy products, and most vegetable oils in your diet. All these are major contributors to the inflammation-producing diet that most of us eat. The trans-fats (partly hydrogenated vegetable oils) are among the worst for your health.

3. Vegetables and fruit: If you can't eat five servings a day, begin by adding just one a day to your regular meals.

4. Spices: The common kitchen spices rosemary, ginger and turmeric are all anti-inflammatory. If you enjoy these flavors, use as much as you like in food. If you prefer to take them in capsules (you can find them in most natural food stores), 100 mg a day are good doses of rosemary and ginger. Curcumin is the natural yellow pigment in turmeric, and 2-3 mg. a day is reasonable.

5. Fish oil: The heavyweight champion of anti-inflammation supplements. Omega-3 fish oils have proven benefits against inflammation in thousands of studies. Make sure yours are molecularly distilled for purity and concentration of DHA and EPA.

I take an omega 3 fish oil that has added the antioxidants lycopene and astaxanthin, as well as CoQ10. This is the most powerful natural combination of remedies for inflammation I know. And the CoQ10 is also key to muscle strength and increased energy.

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Sagging Skin: How to Firm It and Make Your Complexion Look Younger With Natural Nutrition ?

You think loose, sagging skin is just a matter of years passing? Not true. The specific causes of skin aging have been uncovered by extensive research, and all of the most important causes are reversible.

Good nutrition -- inside and out -- can tighten aging skin and make you look younger in a surprisingly short time.

Here is a brief look at what causes sagging skin, then some specific ways to make your skin look younger and plump it up.

While there are other issues I write about elsewhere, the three most important causes of skin aging are:

-- Loss of the critical proteins collagen and elastin 

-- Loss of hyaluronan, or hyaluronic acid -- the fluid protein substance that surround and forms a key part of the matrix of your skin.

-- And oxidation, from free radicals causing rapid damage and wrinkling if we don't get enough antioxidants

What kind of nutrients can tackle these problems?

-- Your skin must have enough collagen and elastin to repair itself and become softer and supple again.
But keep in mind that you can't do this by rubbing on a cream containing collagen and elastin. (That's true, even though plenty of lotions contain these ingredients. The manufacturers know very well they can't help.) The truth is simple: these proteins are too large to penetrate the skin. They can't be absorbed that way.

So you need to give your body the nutrition it needs to build its own. An ingredient that does this very well is Xtend-TK. It stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin.

As collagen and elastin levels increase, your wrinkles will gradually disappear. Your skin will plump up and regain its youthful glow.

Xtend-TK also stimulates the regrowth of skin cells -- by up to 160 percent in clinical trials. Stimulated cell growth creates greater thickness of the outer skin layer. That reduces fine lines and the depth of wrinkles.

-- An extract of sea kelp called Phytessence Wakame is the most effective ingredient I know of for rebuilding hyaluronic acid. It does this by blocking the action of an enzyme that destroys hyaluronic acid in your body.

-- Antioxidants are essential to a soft, healthy complexion. Among the best you can give your skin from the outside is Coenzyme Q10 -- as long as it's in a form with particles small enough to be absorbed by your skin. Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 is a brand name for one effective form of CoQ10 that also contains Vitamin E, another powerful natural antioxidant.

And to nourish your skin from the inside, omega 3 fish oils are excellent. Adding a combination of lycopene and astaxanthin, a natural antioxidant, are major pluses. In a recent clinical trial, a lycopene extract increased skin thickness and dramatically reduced roughness and scaling.

See my website for more specific recommendations on how to make your skin look younger.
Kathryn Lane is a longtime health and nutrition researcher. The best skincare products she has found have never been the most expensive or the most heavily advertised. Her website names them:
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The Simple Secrets to Soft, Beautiful Natural Skin

Soft & beautiful skin, just plain beautiful natural skin - those are the goals of almost anyone looking for good skin care products. Here are the most effective ingredients available for beautiful natural skin.

The first thing to know is, nearly everybody is born with skin exactly like that. Touch a baby or any child in their early years and feel that soft, beautiful natural skin. What is is that makes it soft? (And so strong? No sagging here!)

Well, the child hasn't had many years to neglect that beautiful skin, and you have. That's a big difference. Another one is that, without careful nutrition, aging skin loses the most important ingredients that make skin soft and beautiful by nature.

There are three big problems that cause skin aging, and every one of them can be reversed, so don't give up. Here they are.

1. Loss of collagen and elastin, the vital skin proteins

2. Loss of hyaluronic acid, the "glue" that holds these proteins in the natural skin matrix

3. Oxidation of healthy skin issue through the action of free radicals

That's it. Stop those Big Three and you're well on your way to beautiful natural skin again. I'll name the most effective ingredients, proven in clinical trials, to turn around these problems.

1. Cynergy TK rebuilds collagen and elastin. It contains keratin, the protein found throughout the body, but especially in the skin, hair and nails. The recent breakthrough here is "Functional Keratin," a bio-active form that is readily available to the skin for both building new tissue and repairing damaged skin.
Cynergy TK reduces inflammation in the skin, stimulates the skin to produce more of its own collagen and elastin, and in a representative study, showed a sustained 14 percent improvement in skin moisture retention and a sustained improvement in skin elasticity of 42 perccent -- both in just 18 days.

2. Phytessence Wakame, an extract of natural sea kelp, blocks the destructive enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid in the skin. Block the enzyme, and hyaluronic acid builds back up the level you had when you were much younger.

3. Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 is the famous, powerful antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 in a unique form, microscopic particles that are absorbed down through seven layers of the skin. Working with Natural Vitamin E, it is easily one of the most effective antioxidants known, protecting your skin from the damage caused by stress and environmental pollutants.

So those are the big three. But it takes a careful combination of ingredients to give you back your soft & beautiful skin. Check my website for more details.

Kathryn Lane is a longtime health and nutrition researcher. The best skincare products she finds have never been the most expensive or the most heavily advertised. Check out her website:
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