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Green Tea Is A Good Weight Loss Supplements - Learn The Benefits

By Peter Martin

Green leaf tea weight loss benefits seem to have been a hot topic to talk about among the health professionals. So how does tea really work to assist men and women reduce weight? What are the scientific reports to compliment the weight loss benefit?

There are usually various causes for gaining weight. But it comes down to two factors. First is the eating fatty food or food that is going to become fat. Second is the amount of burning fat. Green tea helps with both factors.

Green tea extract possesses strong anti-oxidants known as catechins. Out of all the catechins, epigallocatechin gallate generally known as EGCG helps with weight loss the best. EGCG promotes thermogenesis which is the procedure of generating heat in human body. This procedure boosts metabolism that speeds up the process of burning fat. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea increases metabolic rate by 4 percent.

Scientists in Japan had a clinical test with regards to green tea extract weight loss benefits. 38 men participated for the analysis. 50 percent of the participants received green tea extract as part of daily consumption and the other half received only the daily food. After 12 weeks, participants with green tea extract resulted significant reduction in body weight and waist size versus the group of participants without the tea extract.

Tea additionally helps with limiting the quantity of food consumption. In a clinical test, tea extract was provided to one group of mice and placebo was provided to the other group. After one week, the group that took tea extracts loss appetite and lowered their food consumption by 60 percent. Lower calorie consumption resulted in fat loss.

As reported by the experts, the loss appetite was a result of the reducing of blood glucose level. Antioxidants let sugar to get into the bloodstream at a lower rate which prevents abrupt spikes in insulin. People with high blood sugar level may feel more hungry and tired. Increased balanced sugar delivery aids with protecting against excessive fat storage and craving for food.

Closing tips for folks eager about trying green tea extract as a weight loss aid is to make sure to take tea without any additives. Most of the iced tea drinks found in a supermarket consist of additives that include sugar. This defeats the intention of losing weight. It is best to produce your own tea and perhaps add organic citrus fruit juice for example orange juice to improve antioxidants. If preparing tea is too much of a work then consider consuming tea supplements. Many capsules are sugar-free and some contain nutritional vitamins for added benefits.

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