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Learn How You Can Lose Weight With Tea

By Joseph Scott

A lot of health experts are talking about the green tea weight loss benefits. How does green tea actually work to aid people reduce weight? Are there any medical studies to support the weight loss benefit?

A lot of elements are involved in the equation of gaining weight. However it boils down to two variables. First is the consumption of fat or food which will become fat. Second is the level of burning fat. Green tea helps with both aspects.

Tea consists of amazing antioxidants called catechins. Out of all the catechins, epigallocatechin gallate also referred to as EGCG is great for weight loss the best. EGCG encourages thermogenesis that is the function of providing heat in human body. This raises metabolic rate that speeds up the fat burning process. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, tea improves metabolic rate by 4 percent.

Scientists in Japan had a human experiment pertaining to green tea extract weight loss benefits. 38 men participated for the study. 50 percent of the participants received green tea extract as part of daily food intake and the other 50 percent received only the daily food. After 3 months, participants with green tea extract diet had significant decrease in bodyweight and waist size compared to the group of participants without the tea extract.

Green tea also helps with regulating the amount of food intake. In a clinical experiment, tea extract was given to one group of mice and placebo was provided to the other group. After 7 days, the group which was given green tea extracts loss urge for food and reduced their consumption by 60 percent. Lower calorie intakes concluded in weight loss.

According to the researchers, the lost cravings were due to the control of blood sugar level. Catechins allow sugar to enter the blood stream at a lower rate which often prevents rapid rises in insulin. People with high blood sugar level may feel hungrier and also less energetic. Greater controlled sugar submission helps with avoiding excess fat storage and desire for food.

Final tips for people curious about trying green leaf tea as a weight loss supplement are to make sure to take in green tea which has no artificial additives. Most of the iced tea products found in a supermarket come with artificial additives like sugar. This defeats the purpose of removing extra weight. It is best to brew your own tea and maybe only put natural citrus juice like lime juice to further improve antioxidants. If brewing is a lot of work, then try tea supplements. Lots of pills are sugar-free and some include nutritional vitamins for additional health rewards.

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