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How Much Weight Can You Lose With African Mango Supplements?

By Lisa McLilly

African Mango supplements are becoming increasingly popular. These all natural weight loss supplements are derived from the seeds of real African Mangos. The active ingredient in these supplements is called African Mango Seed Extract, which is also known as IGOB131. African Mango Seed Extract has recently taken the world by storm because it has been clinically proven to help people lose weight, reduce body fat, increase metabolism and improve overall health.

African Mango Seed Extract is also known scientifically as IGOB131. This extract works to correct Leptin Resistance. As people gain weight, they begin to ignore signals provided by the hormone Leptin. This hormone tells the body when to stop eating and works to turn fat cells into energy. Leptin Resistance generally usually occurs when people begin to enter the obese range. African Mango Seed Extract may potentially correct Leptin Resistance resulting in natural weight loss.

Recent studies have been conducted on the safety and efficacy of using African Mango Seed Extract for weight loss. In a noted study, 102 overweight subjects received either 150mg capsules of IGOB131 or a matching placebo for 10 weeks. The IGOB1312 group lost an average of 28 pounds and 6.7 inches from their waistline and reduced body fat by 18.4% with little or no change to diet and exercise.

With so many benefits to offer, it's not exactly surprising that African Mango has become so popular. Although now sought after for this reason, the original reason African Mango became popular links back to its appearance on Dr. Oz. In May of 2011, the popular TV doctor stated on his show that African Mango could potentially help people "decrease weight and waist circumference" quickly and easily. As soon as this was said, supplement companies and consumers went wild.

When it comes to supplements, it is important to be weary of scams. Some African Mango products claim to be endorsed by Dr. Oz. This is simply not true. Dr. Oz NEVER endorses particular brands so if a company claims he does, it is likely a scam.

To find the best product, choose an all natural African Mango supplement that contains 100% African Mango Seed Extract. This extract, also known as IGOB131, is the ONLY African Mango ingredient proven to benefit natural weight loss. Avoid proprietary blends because they are likely to hide artificial ingredients. Finally, choose a supplement that is free from fillers, flow agents, and added caffeine.

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