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HCG Diet Meal Plan

HCG Diet Meal Plan , diet tips, Amongst various diet strategies available, hcg diet meal plan is probably the most strict one. It may sound funny to get a diet meal plan that allows the dieter to eat fatty food in on the list of 3 stages required. It also happens in this technique. Hcg diet is a solution for weight loss program that mixes Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone also low down calorie food. The problem of this diet is strict meal plans and tight arrangement of your time frame. In fact, it is strongly recommended to carefully watch your weight on every day scale.

Three stages on this diet are included loading, burning and maintenance. The 1st stage within the diet, loading, programs the dieters to consume high carbohydrate food that can also be filled with fat.

The 2nd phase, burning, may be the part where the real cut down takes place incorporating 5 hundred calorie diet between 26 - 43 days. Dieters are only allowed to consume limited amount of calorie and it must embark upon until the target reached. The final phase, maintenance, goes for about 3 weeks removing sugar and starch within the diet. The hormone drop is taken ever since the 1st phase takes place.

Crucial Things to Note
There are some important notes to pay attention to when a dieter decides to take hcg diet meal plan. It is essential to significantly consider the following notes so that you can get the best results:

• consultation with a physician is very recommended before starting the diet; this is extremely important since people with health issue must be very careful in dieting. Weight loss shouldn't be allowed to disturb health balance
• particularly for female dieters, the hCG consumption should be taken after the period is over not while having the amount or immediately before the period. This is supposed never to confuse the hormonal functions
• the hCG hormone drops should be taken 3 times daily through the diet, but after that, with a cycle of every seven days, it should be stopped for that individual day only. The next day to come, the drops can be consumed again
• morning routines shouldbe in progress with weight check

The Bottom Line of the Stages
Researching hcg diet meal plan is very different compared with other popular diet methods. There are a few bottom lines that dieters must know. The loading phase is meant to getting a metabolism system towards the hormone drops.

High fat and calorie eating on the first 2  days of loading phase is the key to effective hcg diet. The second stage is perhaps the toughest part where minimum twenty three around twenty five days (average of twenty one days) of very low calorie diet needs to be met. That the dieter fails to accomplish the targeted weight during this era, she have to take another round until forty two days, before eventually goes into maintenance stage.

Hcg diet meal plan also requires a lot of liquid. When the targeted weight is obtained, during maintenance phase, our bodies should be adjusted again to regular food.

Stop in eating sugar and starches are supposed to make our bodies adapted rather than falling into the circle of diet again. While this phase continues, daily weight watch should be performed. Be careful for any additions in weight. If it occurs, skip some meals.