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The Health Amazing Terrific Benefits Of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

By Cindy Davis

The process of making roasted beans using really hot temperatures, is the reason regular coffee has no health advantages. Now recent studies have found out that using the pure green coffee bean extract is has the most benefits for its users. This raw product is processed in its early stages so it retains all of the good healthy properties. For years regular stuff has gotten a bad reputation, because of the amount of caffeine and the things that are put into them to make the taste so good. But the uncooked version makes more sense because of all of the things it does for an individual.

Regular roasted beans are cooked at high temperatures. When that happens the they lose all of there health benefits. The unroasted product is better because it is processed while it is still raw, this keeps all of the good stuff in, and none of the health benefits are lost. The raw product contains more of its benefits, because less processing is needed.

Green extract comes from two types of plants, the Arabica and the Robusta. The best bean comes from the Arabica plant. The extract is usually purchased in capsules because of the bitter taste. That taste is one reason it is not a drink, but the benefits are what is important.

The uncooked product is mostly made up of an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid. It is responsible for killing free radicals in the body. This acid is very important, because it helps with circulation, and it releases an enzyme in the liver that helps it detox. The raw bean also helps to stabilize the blood glucose. This in turn helps by controlling the sugar that will turn into fat. Once the fat cells are decreased then weight loss will occur.

A twelve week study was done testing the benefits of this wonderful healthy product. This study successfully showed that all of the people participating lost body weight of over ten percent. All of the participants in the study lost this weight without changing their diet, and without doing any exercise. This study proved that the nutritional product helped the body in many different ways.

This information is great for people who have been struggling with losing weight in the past. These weight loss studies are important because it shows that the green coffee bean is a natural way to lose weight. The extract works by controlling the sugar levels, when sugar is controlled it will not turn into fat. The green coffee bean helps increase metabolism in the body. That in turn helps the person burn excess fat; which will then aid in weight loss.

The amount of caffeine in the raw ingredients are so small, that it does not even cause any bad reactions. That is good for those people who are sensitive to caffeine. Regular roasted version is full of caffeine.

Pure green coffee bean is a super food; that is great for weight loss and maintaining good health. The best news is that it is safe for use, and it is natural too. This product can be found in local health stores and on the internet.

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