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The Best Work Out Concerning Abs

By James Phillips

People enthusiastic about their bodies health normally wish t develop their abs more than any other muscle. Many of them do not understand that ones abs is not one single muscle. The abs is actually a group of muscles. As a result, the way to get the best work out for abdominal muscles is by using different exercise. One can find many exercises which will potential help develop ones abs.

The abs exercise with the highest popularity is the crunch. This exercise is executed by lying face up on the floor with the knees slightly bent and then lifting the upper-body off of the floor towards the thighs. To deepen this exercise, one can execute the crunch while holding an exercise ball between ones legs.

An effective deviation of the crunch exercise is to cross one leg across ones mid-section while the knees are bent laying one foot on the opposite knee. After a few repetitions, one would then switch legs and perform the crunches again. Switching between legs while crunching presents different resistant to the abdomen muscles providing a great work out.

Another variation to the crunch exercise is the reverse crunch. In this exercise, one would lie on ones back and engage the abs by lifting the lower body upwards towards the chest instead of lifting the upper torso off of the floor towards the knees. Utilize slow and controlled motion to optimize the workout. As with most exercises, the effectiveness comes from using proper form.

The hanging knee lift is an exercise that is also excellent for the abdominal muscles. The hanging knee lift is executed by holding a chin-up bar and elevating the bottom half of the body bringing the knees into the chest. To perform this exercise properly, one should refrain from moving the upper body and lift the lower body at the pelvis, not the hip. Bending at the hip is a good hip flexor exercise, but does little for the abdomen.

One more excellent work out for abs is the bicycle. This exercise is performed by lying on ones back and motioning the legs above the floor to simulate riding a bicycle with fingers interlocked behind the head. To maximize this exercise, one should twist the upper torso to make each elbow meet the opposite knee as the legs extend and retract. It is important to keep the abs contracted through the extent of this exercise.

One alteration to the bicycle exercise is to alternate between fast and slow speeds. This presents the abdominal muscle group with alternating resistance which helps with development. Another alteration is to pause during this exercise and then extend one fully extend one leg holding it at a 45 degree angle above the floor keeping the other leg in a crouched position. After a few seconds, switch and hold the other leg at a 45 degree angle above the floor while keeping the first leg in a couched position.

To get the best effect, the same exercise should not be executed every day. One should do different exercises to avoid working-out the same group of muscles in the exact same way on consecutive days. By using different exercises, one can potentially obtain the best work out for the abdominal muscles.

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