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Find Out More Regarding Artificial Nails

By Margaret Gonzalez

Artificial nails are terms that refer to types of nail coverings that are usually worn on the nails of the fingers. They are usually worn as forms of fashion accessories. This therefore means that a person interested in wearing them feels that they increase beauty and also that they are quite fashionable.

Some of are prepared in such a manner that emulates the exact appearance of fingernails. This means that when one puts them on, they exactly take after the real nails. As a result, it becomes hard to distinguish them from the real fingernails. This makes them somehow inconspicuous hence comfy to wear. However, various other kinds are quite astray and never resemble the exact fingernails by any means. People might then find it hard to wear them since they are very conspicuous.

There are two main different kinds of these items. They are made using two distinct approaches. These include forms and tips. Forms are usually made by fitting them over a nail and then molding them into good shapes that resemble a real nail. They are also buffed to shine and be attractive.

Tips are made of light plates that are mainly made of plastics. They are stuck over the end of a real nail followed by the application of the acrylic on the whole nail. They are then made into various designs and also painted into various colors that may be very appealing to the costumers or users. Furthermore, the colors can be very plain such as pure red, pink or yellow, or be painted into different patterns that resemble other items and creatures. Others appear metallic.

A longer and appealing nail enhancement can be made using different techniques and materials. They include polymethyl methacrylate acrylics which are a combination of liquid monomer and polymer powder. These ones can be removed by using organic solutions such as acetone. Other materials include polymer resin which usually becomes hard under ultraviolet light. These can only be removed by filing.

They have a number of health effects. They conceal damaged nails, stop people from biting them and also reduce the chances of nail breakage. However, they also have health risks which include damage to the nail beds and interference with natural nail development.

Musicians use them to play musical instruments such as guitars. Other instruments which can be played using a long nail are Chinese instruments such as pipa, gupin and ruan. Artificial nails are widely available in various beauty centers at quite affordable costs.

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