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What Happens When You Set Foot In A Laser Hair Removal Shrewsbury Clinic

By April Heath

Laser hair removal Shrewsbury clinics perform is a permanent way to reduce the amount of unwanted hairs. A lot of men and women have decided to ditch constant shaving and waxing ever since this innovative cosmetic procedure came about. It's a safe and quick solution that uses light pulses to destroy hair follicles, putting a stop to your recurring problem.

During the initial consultation, something that is usually provided free of charge, the clinician will give you a patch test. This is done on a small part of the body which is normally hidden from view. The goal of undergoing such is to see how you will react to laser. Your medical and health history will be taken as well to ensure that you can be considered as a candidate.

Meeting the clinician allows a client to ask several questions pertinent to the treatment. For your peace of mind, learn about the expert's training background as well as the length of his or her industry experience. Because you will have to return to the clinic for a specified number of times, find out if the same person will carry out the procedure each time. Don't feel embarrassed to ask questions or make clarifications because your money, appearance and health are the ones involved.

The number of treatments necessary to achieve the desired result will vary based on certain factors. Some of them include the amount of hairs involved and the color and texture of each strand. It is said that this cosmetic procedure works best on clients whose hairs are dark as melanin is the one targeted by the light pulses. However, currently there are various machines available, allowing more people to take advantage of this treatment.

Each trip to the clinic won't take up a lot of your time because laser can target several strands each time. For example, it will take about 5 minutes only for the upper lip to be treated. A clinician may be finished with both underarms in about 10 minutes. Permanent reduction of unwanted hairs spares you from time-consuming shaving and waxing on a regular basis.

Whenever light pulses are emitted, clients say that the sensation felt is similar to a rubber band snapping on the skin. Many are able to tolerate the feeling well, especially that machines nowadays have added cooling features. If your pain threshold is low, you may request for a numbing agent to be applied on involved areas beforehand to deal with the discomfort.

It's normal for the treated area to appear reddish right after undergoing the procedure. Take note that it is important to protect it from direct sunlight as well as excessive heat. Re-growths may be observed in between sessions. However, this shouldn't worry you because the strands tend to be lighter in color, making them less evident.

Laser hair removal Shrewsbury clinics perform also involves certain risks. But because the machines being used these days have undergone several refinements since the cosmetic procedure started, it has become safer and gentler. Still it's important to choose very well which establishment in the area you pick. Also, ensure that the clinician is highly qualified.

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