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The HCG Diet Plan Food List Unveiled

By Diane Lee

The benefits of a person trimming down outweight the consequences of them being a little thick or chubby. The less body fat a person has to carry around, the less likely they are to develop diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and elevated blood sugar levels. Left unattended, these illnesses can become dangerous and require medication. By adopting the HCG diet plan food list, a person will not just get results but visible results fast.

In recent, many people claim to have lost a noticeable amount of weight in a relatively short period of time. The catch is that this is a reduced calorie meal system that way require the guidance of a licensed health practitioner. This way, the health status of a person can be monitored while on the program.

One of the reasons is the reduction of caloric intake. Most caloric intake for adults can range from 500-800 calories per day. The diet plan is a strong advocate for lean meats such as beef and chicken. Fish and certain seafood are permitted but others, such as salmon and tuna are forbidden.

This also encourages eating fresh fruits and vegetables that are not starchy but high in fiber. By eating these foods on a daily basis with water or coffee, a person can see results in little time. If a person likes to drink unsweetened tea or chooses to have it sweetened, they can try an artificial sweetener. Milk is limited to one tablespoon a day.

Snacking on this diet is permitted. Ideal foods are a cup of fruit, one breadstick or piece of Melba toast. They provide the fiber that is necessary to achieve that full feeling that is sometimes absent from many diets that are low in calories.

While the food choices may seem limited by some accounts, your doctor or other licensed health professional can suggest some reasonable alternates while on this diet. There are many accounts online of what a person can and cannot eat on this diet but someone that is licensed and realizes the health needs of a single person, they can give a better assessment. For one, they would have more knowledge about human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG.

If a person does not care for meats, they can substitute with eggs that are boiled, poached or raw. There is no sugar, starches or pasta permitted but artificial sweeteners such as Stevia can be used for drinks. Herbs and lemon juice are great choices for adding some flavor to vegetables and meat. Oil and butter are not to be used as well as salt or seasonings that contain salt.

A person has to admit that great things do not always come easy and weight loss just happens to be one of those things. With discipline and sensible thinking, visible results are very much a reality. When most people lose weight, they may find that they have more natural energy and not get tired as easily. Overall, they have more confidence and just feel great about life itself. By learning more about the HCG diet plan food list today, they can be on their way to becoming a new person.

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