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Sick Of Diet Fads? Then Try HCG Diet Drops And Diet Plan By Dr Simeons

By Dena R West

HCG Diet Drops have been around for a few years already and plenty of people are having success with them. The only problem is the diet industry is full of fad diets and people are naturally becoming very sceptical of any new product, so the question most people worry about is do these drops actually help you lose weight?

The short answer to that question is a resounding yes, but anybody can say that. Let's put some hard facts down on the page, so that you can judge for yourself.

First of all what does HCG stand for?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a naturally occurring human hormone found in pregnant women. This hormone works to provide the human body with enough daily energy to perform required tasks even with a new life growing inside.

The reason why the HCG diet differs from the other diets is the low calorie intake. It's not hard to figure out that less calories usually means you draw less energy from your food intake and this would be a problem during a pregnancy when you need these extra levels. Step forward HCG.

As your diet dictates that you have less food in your body, you have less conventional food for fuel conversion. The hypothalamus activates the muscles to draw this extra requirement from the stored fats and this is what maintains the energy levels.

There is a handy chain reaction effect to the hypothalamus stimulation. As it takes the extra fuel from the fat stores it decreases your dependency on the old larger meal sizes, which causes you to have less appetite for larger meals after a few days.

Your body works efficiently on the calories provided and you lose fatty tissue. What is so superb about this system is that after you finish the diet drops course, you've already trained your body to crave less food, so unlike other diet courses where you move back onto larger meals, you stay on the same sensible meal portions going forward.

Which we don't need to tell you, helps to keep the weight off. After all, what's the point of losing weight to just put it back on again in the future?

Another burning question is how can I get onto smaller meal portions in the beginning? If I'm only eating small portions surely I'll still be hungry and this is where snacking cripples many diet attempts.

This is where African Mango can help.

If you can quash your appetite, so that the yearning to eat is diminished, you'll be well on your way to success and this is what the African mango will do as part of the diet plan.

The FDA has registered HCG Diet Drops and the creation of the drugs takes place in America, so hopefully this will assuage any doubts you might feel about safety or authenticity.

As you don't need a prescription to take the diet drops, we do advise that you get a check-up with your family physician before starting the course, as you would before starting on any medical endeavor.

This diet syrup is the real deal and the diet plan devised by Dr. Simeons is sensible, simple and clear to follow. The HCG diet system is a successful formula and can be for you too.

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