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Losing Weight Fast But Safely

By Howe Russ

People ask me every day for tips on how to lose weight fast so today our article is going to focus on three simple yet effective tips which are guaranteed to get you results both in and out of the gym.

We see too many people sucked into flavor of the month celebrity diets every month, struggling along with a diet which resembles a self-punishment regime and getting no results.

Combine our three proven facts with your existing eating plan and you will experience a noticeable change and not just a difference in your overall weight but also your body composition. If you are exercising as well, get ready for maximum results. Let's get going.

Step One: The Benefits Of A Calorie Deficit.

So, what exactly is a calorie deficit? It is actually pretty simple stuff. Work out how many calories per day you currently consume and then lower it. The best way to do this is to keep a food journal for a week then work to drop your daily intake total each day.

Don't drop it too much too fast, however, as this will encourage starvation mode where your body hangs onto food because it doesn't know when it is next being fed. Ever known a friend who seemed to starve themselves and STILL couldn't lose weight? That's exactly why.

Cut your calories by no more than 15% per week until you have reached your target number of calories per day, and never go below 1000 a day in total.

The Second Rule: Up Your Protein.

Cutting down your carbohydrate content is a good way to lose fat. This is now a proven dieting method and has stood the test of time. But there is one thing people always forget to do and it kills their progress. When you lower your carbohydrate intake you must also increase your protein intake. During exercise your body's main energy source comes from carbohydrates so if you are not eating many you give you body a choice between using fat or muscle to fuel your workout. You do not want to be burning muscle.

Step Three: Snack On Protein.

The next time you fancy an unscheduled snack try a protein rich food such as tuna, chicken or a meal replacement shake. Not only does this increase your daily protein intake which we have already shown is a great dieting tip, but it is also proven that protein has far less impact on your body's fat loss storage cells than both carbohydrates and fat combined.

The next time you fancy a snack try chicken or tuna. It will keep you feeling full and your results will go through the roof.

Implement these three simple steps into your eating routine right now and you will see improved fat loss results. If you are looking for ways to discover how to lose weight fast you just found three of the most proven rules out there.

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