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A Look At How Proactol Plus Makes You Lose Unwanted Pounds

By Dianna Lee

Many people are daunted to take diet pills that increase the metabolism. Unfavorable side effects are commonly experienced, such as nausea, lightheadedness, palpitation, and increased blood pressure as well as heart rate. Proactol Plus is nothing like all of these supplements because it promotes weight loss in an entirely different approach.

It doesn't have caffeine or other ingredients for burning fat. This product helps prevent absorption of fat cells, so there's no need to burn them in the first place. The secret to this is in the substance extracted from Prickly Pear, a type of cactus. Such is patented by the supplement's manufacturer, calling it "NeOptunia".

NeOptunia is comprised of both non-soluble and soluble fiber. Together, they work to reduce the amount of fat the body absorbs. At the same time, they also help suppress the appetite naturally. Because the main ingredient comes from a type of plant, unfavorable side effects are kept at bay. Due to this, many find this product more appealing than rivals.

NeOptunia's non-soluble component is the one which keeps fat out of the body. In gel form, it wraps around every fat cell so that it becomes too big to be absorbed by the intestinal walls. These enclosed fat cells are eventually eliminated from the body in a natural process. The rest of the nutrients in food are still assimilated because only fat cells are targeted.

The soluble part of NeOptunia is the one which helps prevent hunger. The movement of food along the digestive tract is decelerated, making the individual feel full for a longer amount of time. Release of glucose into the blood stream is also regulated to control the appetite. With lesser ingestion and more expenditure of calories, weight loss ensues.

According to studies conducted, as many as 27% of fat content in the food you eat may be bound for elimination. The manufacturer does not indicate proper dosage, which means that your intake will depend on how much fat is in your meals. Adults can benefit from using the supplement, especially that it can also reduce the blood's LDL cholesterol level, the bad type.

Proactol Plus is ideal for those who like to shed off some unwanted pounds but are wary of chemicals that produce side effects. It helps keep fat from being absorbed and naturally diminishes the urge to eat. But it is recommended to tell your doctor about your intention of using it, especially if you are taking prescribed medicine or diagnosed with a health problem.

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