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Is HIIT Really Effective For Weight Loss?

By Russ Howe Pti

People are always looking for quicker, more effective answers to the age old question of how to lose weight and HIIT is one of the methods which has sprung into the limelight over the last decade. Many trainers recommend high intensity interval training as their 'secret weapon' against fat loss and today we shall look at it with you.

This method can be used by those with a performance related goal, such as those training for a sporting event, as well as those looking to increase muscular strength but primarily it's adopted by those trying to find ways to shed unwanted body fat. Today we'll show you how and why it is so popular.

We will also show you a few additional tips which will help you enhance your experience with this training method, such as the benefits of a god diet and hydration. Make no mistake about it, if you are able to take your HIIT routine seriously you'll find it to be a great asset.

As a trainer, the last two decades have probably been the most important in the history of the fitness industry. Such massive advancements have been made by the ever growing library of scientific studies being conducted on various methods of fitness and strength training. It's an exercise enthusiasts dream.

This also acts as a double edged sword, of course, and quite often people can feel a little overwhelmed at the sheer volume of information and different methods at their fingertips. So today we aim to clear some of that unnecessary confusion for you.

And so we get to the burning question. When we compare high intensity interval training to the old fashioned method of regular steady state cardiovascular exercise, does it come out on top?

You don't become one of the most popular training principles in sports without having a large body of scientific proof to back yourself up and HIIT has just that. Before being adopted by the masses it was considered by many top sports coaches as their secret weapon in sports specific performance and science shows the benefits of this training style are superior to regular cardio in many ways.

Interval training requires you to split your workout between bouts of moderate and high intensity work and there are a number of different time splits you can adopt, most of which will still yield good results for you. But which is superior?

There are several studies already out there looking at different time splits and their effect on our body. When it comes to fat loss, which is the reason most people turn to this method of training, a Canadian study discovered that a four minute moderate and thirty second intense split for a total of half an hour brought about the top results.

Fat loss was improved greatly and that is largely due to the great recovery time between bouts of maximum effort. Each time the next bout comes around your body has fully recovered from the last, allowing you to push harder and faster throughout the overall session but not allowing you to cool down enough to slow results.

While this is a very effective training method, of course, it's very important to realize it's only part of the task. You won't be able to build the body of your dreams if you don't pay due attention to your nutrition plan. If you're lost in this aspect you are not alone and today's video guide will walk you through the basics.

If you want to know how to lose weight fast but safely you can do a lot worse than incorporating HIIT into your workout routine. Now you know the basics, why not slot it into your plan and try it out for yourself?

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